TUMASRE A.Ş. is able to produce unique products for cosmetics, pharmacy and food products according to the strategies determined by planning the needs of the packaging industry and according to the customer requests and suggestions that enable it to make a difference from its competitors.

We support your success with the productions made with our quality, competitive prices, short delivery time and designs that make a difference.

Our aim is to ensure that the packages have designs that are customer-specific and reflect the identity of your company. We desire and aim to create solutions that can contribute to your success with our productions.

We offer all the services you need for make-up packaging under one roof.

Fully Optimized: The Unique Make-up Packaging Solutions You Need

As TUMASRE A.Ş, we continue to enrich our wide product range and variety every year.

We can make your product unique by combining original designs in line with market trends, production opportunity in a short time, and decoration printing techniques for the most modern appearance.

We create more effective, safe, and economical products by using the latest technology machines and robots in production. For this purpose, we are improving our automation infrastructure by directing most of our investment resources to R&D studies. We closely follow the developments in the world and carry out studies for the integration of the most innovative materials with our effective engineer staff.

Differentiating from our competitors, thanks to our original and innovative designs, we create products with an understanding that allows them to be compatible and combined with each other by standardizing or combining the parts used in the products. In this way, we become a unique and economical business partner by creating and producing original designs created with the requests and suggestions of our customers in a very short time, enabling us to switch to sustainable quality and rapid mass production.

Thus, we ensure that the customer has a unique and matchless plastic packaging for his product’s identity.


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Decoration & Customization


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