In 2020, TUMASRE A.Ş. , was established in order to produce and market plastic packaging for the leading companies in the world of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food products in the packaging industry.

It was born with the will to multiple the business model based on unique and innovative designs, integrated production, services that produce solutions for customers, wide product range, flexible MOQ, short delivery times, quality and competitive prices for companies that need plastic packaging.

TUMASRE A.Ş.’s strategy focuses on providing the most perfect plastic packaging solutions for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and food product manufacturers and contract manufacturers in this sector to become a sustainable and reliable business partner that the market needs with competitive prices, flexible, fast and quality production policies.”

With the help of R&D staff with its founders’ experience of more than 10 years in the sector, and their competent and well-trained engineers and technical skills aims to create original industrial designs of plastic parts for the plastic packaging industry, to make their plastic injection mold design and manufacture, to produce and assemble the parts, and to decorate the resulting products with different color and unlimited combination options, and to manufacture them according to customer requests and requirements.

Our goal is to become a company that makes globally successful projects for cosmetics, pharmacy, and food manufacturers, which produces and markets globally, has applied the philosophy of total quality management in every field, offers innovative solutions to the market, has adopted the R & D culture, and with our differentiation strategies, we will continue to be the leading company in the packaging industry on a global basis.